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"I believe everyone benefits from the visibility of libraries and their content on the Web."

Libraries and memory organizations have rich content and resources the Web can't see or use today -- effectively making them dark collections and invisible archives.

IMAGINE if libraries could represent themselves together in a way the Web could see and understand.

This unified voice and utility is among the core promises of BIBFRAME and the Linked Data in Libraries movement.

The Libhub Initiative focuses on exploring this promise through action and working to collectively understand the problem space around raising the visibility of libraries on the Web. Join us and take the pledge of Libhub Initiative supporters, participantspartners & sponsors.


Through conversations with hundreds of librarians about Linked Data in Libraries and the purpose and promise of BIBFRAME, we at Zepheira have heard three key themes:

  1. Awareness and Education
  2. Assessment and Planning
  3. Implementation and Exploration

Zepheira has developed solutions to address Education, Assessment, and Planning. As a founding sponsor, we hope the Libhub Initiative will support the development of an implementation and exploration focused community interested in leading and learning through action what it takes to realize the promise of increased library visibility on the Web through publishing and linking of previously invisible collections. 



Leadership is characterized by vision and a willingness to act and adapt when presented with challenges.

Leaders take many forms in the Libhub Initiative:



Learning is a cornerstone of leadership. From characterizing the nature of the problem space and growing awareness through professional development to exploring new ideas and adapting based on the outcomes. Learn more:



Linking is strength. From individuals and organizations coming together to form ideas and experiences to related and connected information on the web. The foundation of the Libhub Initiative begins with these trusted relationships between people, organizations, and data.

Getting Things Started

The formal introduction of the Libhub Initiative is in early days, but we have been talking with libraries and providers about the nature of the idea for almost a year. At this point, our primary areas of focus include:

  1. Hearing from the broader community.
  2. Gauging interest and willingness to get involved
  3. Recruiting Active Supporter, Interested Participating Libraries, Partners, and Sponsors

Assuming a critical volume of interest and engagement from the community and partners, we have already begun to define some of the first activities as described in the introductory video.

The First Activity High Level Plan

  1. Gather set of representative MARC records from Participant Libraries including Libraries from Zepheira's training and assessment programs
  2. Establish baseline visibility for representative records and Participant Libraries
  3. Convert using Zepheira's BIBFRAME and Linked Data transformation and linking tools
  4. Publish transformed and connected content
  5. Touchbase with community to discuss progress
  6. Monitor harvest and visibility via web engines
  7. Adjust linking and publishing strategy as appropriate
  8. Work with participants, partners and sponsors to define next step strategies around moving to sustainable data trust assuming tangible impact or adjust strategy based on outcomes