Quiet blogs belie activities - so in the interest of making a honest medium of this, let's bring you  up to date on what's been happening within the Libhub Initiative.

 In May 2015, Zepheira convened the Libhub Initiative Early Adopter Summit with its twelve founding library partners:

Using the Early Adopter Program developed by Zepheira, the libraries have approached the issue of visibility through Awareness/Education, Assessment, and Action, as follows:

  • Awareness: Practical Practitioner Linked Data & BIBFRAME Essentials Training, which introduces library professionals to the world of the Web, Linked Data, and the specifics of BIBFRAME
  • Assessment: Linked Data Readiness Assessment, where Zepheira staff work with a core team from the Library to audit of existing systems, relationships, data and goals and develop an informed plan for more comprehensive exploration and implementation of Linked Data technologies for their institution
  • Action: Data Pilot Development for libraries to make their own foray into catalog transformation and publishing those results to the Web for greater discovery.

As of today (6 July 2015), three partners have published their catalogs to the Web, with more to come. We will be sharing their stories here so you can follow the experiments alongside us. And perhaps, join in.