To date, The Libhub Initiative has grown from an idea developed by Zepheira into an actual conversation between libraries, vendors, and the individuals and communities who wish to have greater visibility for Libraries. In March, we announced our Sponsorship program, with early participation of Atlas Systems, Innovative, and SirsiDynix. Through their sponsorship, each of these industry leaders is acknowledging the critical importance of Visibility for libraries, and shows interest in the use of technologies that support libraries wherever their customers may be.

And as of today, all are making strides in offering linked data and BIBFRAME training and services to their customers, based on customer demands and experiences. We're honored to have so broad a participation base and to have a role in facilitating conversations - and actions - in helping libraries become more visible on the Web.

But this doesn't mean you can't join in the conversation now - it's just starting. Find out more about our Partnership and Sponsorship opportunities, or just write to tell us you're taking the pledge.