Nothing’s better than hearing from early adopters. Read on to hear from your peers at libraries in Dallas and Colorado who have transformed their library catalogs into a Web-friendly format.


“…until recently there was no way to find library material without first going to the catalog. This is all about to change…you will begin to see links to our catalog appear in your [Web] searches… So often at the library we hear sentences that begin, “I didn’t know the library had…” By making our data accessible to search engines we hope that new, existing, and potential customers will discover that there is far more available at their library than they realized.” -- from the Dallas Public Library blog in Texas

 “Through participation in this project, Anythink’s catalog is now even more accessible to customers. [We can] showcase our resources online alongside those you might see from Wikipedia or Amazon.”  -- from Anythink Libraries in Colorado

“…our data is live as of June 22, 2015. It's been translated into a format designed for search engine bots to read it and link it to other resources on the web… [The goal is to] improve the ability for people to discover our resources on the open Web. The goal is ultimately that users would then be able to click and be taken back to the library’s catalog” From Arapahoe District Library in Colorado